Mexico’s president slams Twitter, Facebook, and others for suspending President Trump’s account

After social media giants closed all president Trump’s account, a close friend has slammed them. The president of Mexico has accused Facebook and Twitter of being partisan and asked where is freedom of expression.

Facebook and Twitter attacked by Mexican President

On Saturday, Mexico’s leader has vehemently condemned the act of major social media platforms for suspending the account of Mr. Donald Trump.


The leader, Manuel López also refused to talk about the riots of Trump’s supporters. The Capitol in DC, claiming his country doesn’t interfere in other nations' affairs. However, he said he was deeply sorry about the deaths that occurred during the chaos.


President Obrador who is close to President Trump has slammed what he called gagging the US president. “I am not a fan of censorship or gagging people from posting a message on social media. It is not what I agree with at all,” the Mexican President stated.’ How is it possible to censor someone from talking, because you think it is harmful?


Where is the law and order the US is known for? The government should handle such issues, not private firms. Furthermore, the spokesperson of the Mexican leader, Ramirez Jesus said on Facebook that this decision by Facebook and Twitter calls for a world debate on how far freedom of expression goes and the roles of media firms in democracy.

Mexican President said he won’t attend Biden’s inauguration

Facebook and Twitter have Thursday barred all the president’s accounts from operations till when the presidential inauguration is complete on January 20.


President López has hinted that he won’t be going to Biden’s swearing-in ceremony as he has not congratulated him. On Saturday, house leader, Nancy Pelosi has said she will get the numbers to get him removed. Many wonder why he should be removed just 10 days before he leaves office. 

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