Brexit causing delay in trade for companies based in the UK

Many companies in the UK are experiencing delay in trade, and in some cases expiration of their products due to the confusion surrounding the new Brexit rules.


A growing number of firms have spoken out about paperwork delays at ports. The government’s response was to urge traders and haulers to comply with the new border rules by taking necessary steps.

Marks & Spencer has temporarily stopped selling its goods in Northern Ireland

Marks & Spencer has temporarily stopped selling hundreds of items in its Northern Ireland stores due to the complications surrounding Brexit.


The retailer said it feared its food and other products such as its chocolate fudge pudding and sweet and sour chicken would be blocked due to new rules governing shipments between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


M&S made the decision to halt sales to its northern island stores after it saw competitors’ trucks barred from traveling between the mainland and Northern Ireland.


In a statement, the retailer said it aimed to get the products back up for sale soon.


An M&S spokesperson said:


“Stores have been receiving regular deliveries this week, however, following the UK’s recent departure from the EU, we are transitioning to new processes, and we’re working closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure customers can continue to enjoy a great range of products.”

Sea-food exporter writes scathing letter to the business secretary

Sea-food exporter John Ross likened the chaos to being “thrown in the cold Atlantic without a life jacket.” The Scottish salmon producer wrote a letter on Friday to Business Secretary Alok Sharma about the government’s handling of the situation.


“Your so-called ‘deal’ is worthless if this situation is not fixed immediately, and unless you put in place measures to address the issues that continue to unfold on a daily basis. Moreover, as a seafood exporter, it feels as though our own government has thrown us into the cold Atlantic waters without a life jacket.”